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                                         Living at home


Dogs are out in an individual outside area for the day. Several times a day, dogs will be in the running area, the most dynamic will stay for a longer period and others (older dogs or most obedient) will enjoy a walk individually (without surcharge).

  Depending of the weather the organization of a day can be changed.
For the night, the dogs are brought in an individual indoor sleeping area except dogs of the same owner.

For security reason, we do not mix any dog without your approval and we never mix two males or two females together.

The cattery is situated away from the kennels, so the cats are not disturbed by the dogs.

Each cat gets individual attention every day, whether it likes to be stroked and or groomed.



We supply the feeding. We have a large range of food available (Royal Canin, Hill’s, Eukanuba, Proplan…) and will always follow customers directions with regard to dietary requirements.

Only if your dog or cat has any specific veterinarian dietary requirements you will have to supply your own feeding.


Dogs : you can bring your dog’s basket, blanket or cushion. It would be useful if you can have a name tag on the basket, blanket or cushion.
Cats : it is required to bring your transport cage and a basket, cushion or blanket for your cat. Any toy, scrapper or cat tree are also allowed. It would be useful if you can have a name tag on the basket, blanket or cushion.


During cold periods, our facilities are heated and benefit from air-conditioning during summer time.

Open-air areas are protected from the sun or from the bad weather thanks to an abundant vegetation.